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Today you are one step closer to discovering your innate self, feeling empowered, and on a path to growth and well-being.

As a holistic psychotherapist I view each person as a whole with many parts that need to be integrated in order to reach the deepest level of healing and fullest potential. I believe that body - mind - spirit are constantly seeking harmony and balance, and communicates with us through feelings, emotions, sensations, imagination, dreams... Within us we have the capacity to be fully joyful and at ease with life, we just have to uncover our innate intelligence and reclaim our true self.

I see therapy as an inner journey of self discovery, exploration and illumination. I believe that in order to reach our fullest potential we have to go within, we have to become aware of our inner body experiences, layers of conditioning, we have to release traumas, negative beliefs and subconscious patterns so we can consciously create our life experiences and fulfill our dreams.

I believe that deepest healing happens in the moment and through somatic experience. I invite my clients to move through their incomplete processes that show up in the moment, so they get to experience themselves differently - more expanded, free, resourceful, whole... this inner shift and healing is beyond cognitive understanding.   

My approach is humanistic, existential, experiential, somatic, transpersonal, spiritual, growth oriented. I use non-direct collaborative approach. I hold safe, supportive, loving space so you can fully be yourself. 

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